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Executive Dashboards

Interactive analytic dashboards for effective management and peace of mind

Financial Dashboards

Cost management for peace of mind

Customer Segments

Customer buying patterns for improved marketing efforts

Web Traffic Analysis

Online presence awareness to understand content that engages visitors

Marketing Dashboards

Campaign tracking to improve customer acquisition

Logistics & Operations Dashboards

Monitoring and tracking for efficiency gains

Does your reporting save you TIME and MONEY?

Many companies don’t have the data they need to make informed decisions. We design interactive, analytic dashboards to help entrepreneurs and executives make fact based decisions so their businesses run more efficiently and make more money.​

Below are common frustrations and challenges we resolve.

  • Hours wasted “putting together” reports
  • Hours spent getting briefed or updated
  • Finding out too late to act
  • Frequently forced to make a decision on “gut-feel”
  • Waiting weeks or months to understand financials
  • Only able to see data from static reports
  • Inability to measure process effectiveness
  • Inability to see trends at a weekly, quarterly or annual basis

If you’re tired of the frustration and want to understand your customers, processes, and financials more clearly,
then we can HELP!

Customer Segments

It all starts with your customers. We’ll help you understand who is buying, who isn’t and insights into the reasons why.

Fine Tune Your Sales Efforts

Visualize the key metrics that drive consistent sales.

Operational Analysis

Almost every company will tell you that their biggest savings came from refactoring inefficient processes. So how are you tracking your processes?

Excel Into Insight

Transform your excel spreadsheets into more than a grid of numbers. Turn it into a powerful and interactive dashboard!

Quickbooks Visualization

Having a hard time getting the information out of Quickbooks you need to make sound financial decisions? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered!

Legacy Systems

Having trouble viewing the data that lives in an older system? We’ve helped many others in your situation.

We kept saying that it was next on our list, or that next month we would set aside time to put together dashboards, but when it comes down to it, those projects always get trumped by day-to-day operations. Making the jump and giving Meraki a chance to help us out brought so much relief and peace-of-mind, knowing that it was actually getting the attention it deserved. Grant Kenens

General Manager, IT & Marketing, Team Quality Services

Interactive Dashboard Examples

Example of Interactive Analytic Dashboard
Sample Analytic Dashboard
Sample analytic dashboard
Sample analytic dashboard

Working with Us is Easy

Identify What's Important

It all starts with the Free Consultation. We learn about your needs and their order of importance and then we focus on hitting the bullseye.


Get a Customized Plan

We do a little fact gathering and then put together a plan that can be easily implemented.

Create Visuals that Matter

We’re ready to roll-up our sleeves and begin transforming your data into insights.

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